Defiant YA Dystopian 4 Book Series

Defiant YA Dystopian 4 Book Series

In a world ravaged by disaster, Alex and Caleb are the only hope for their community. Crippled by a society divided by class and governed by strict rules, the twins must navigate a dangerous landscape full of unknowns as they race against time to stop a deadly epidemic from spreading. With no help from the adults in charge, they must band together to uncover the truth and fight for their survival. Will they be able to save their fellow citizens, or will they too succumb to the horrors of this post-apocalyptic world? A 52,000 word Young Adult Novel and 4 book series for those who love Hunger Games and Divergent.

You get all 4 books of the Defiant YA Dystopian Ebook series

$1.00 All 4 ebooks
YA Dystopian Series

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