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About Tamara


My name is Tamara L Adams and I am an Indie Author ready to share my love of writing and creativity with you.

I have always loved to read and became a lover of writing. Writing Romance, Young Adult, Children’s and other types of books is something I love to do. Creating and selling activity books for kids up to adults that are fun and entertaining is probably my favorite job. Plus I also make coloring books, planners, and journals because I love to stay organized.

My residence is in Wisconsin with my two children and handsome husband (who is my best friend and greatest supporter along with co-creator). He came up with the titles of all of my best sellers and helped make F*ck I’m Bored as hilarious as it could be!

Take a look around my website. I hope you find something you like 🙂 Above all, Live, Laugh, Love, have a great day and never give up on your dreams! I used to be a scientist, but after years of writing and creating books in my free time, my dream came true. As a result, the dream of becoming a full time author and be my own boss came true in 2019. I love every minute of it.

If you have questions you can contact me at: [email protected].

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