Free Word Activities

Free Word Activities

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Free Poop Word Activity

Try my free poop word activity. A Fallen Phrase activity. Figure out the funny poop related phrase. From my Activities to do While You Number Two Adult Activity book: get the printable on Etsy:

Free Cryptogram Adult Activity

Free Cryptogram adult activity from my What an Asshole adult activity book!

Free Activity: Letter Tiles

This is one of my favorite types of activities! I hope you enjoy.

Here are the rules: Move the tiles around to make the correct phrase. The three letters on each time must stay in the order in which they are placed.

Free Activity: Zig Zag

Complete the 7-letter word at the top of each diagram. Use the last two letters of the first word as the first two letters of the second word If you get stuck, try starting at the bottom of the diagram and working your way up, in reverse.

Free Crossword Puzzle

Download this Free Crossword Puzzle from my newest activity book for adults: Activities and Puzzles to Cheer You Up, Relieve Anxiety, and Brighten Your Mood –

Thanks for checking out my free activity for the day. If you are still bored and want more, check out my author page on Amazon:

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