I'm Still F*cking Bored

I'm Still F*cking Bored

100 pages
Adult Activity Book:
Fun Adult Activities

I’m Still F*cking Bored! Buy it Now! Free Shipping. Here’s the first fantastic book of sh*t to do in case you’re F*CKING BORED! Now you don’t have to waste away the hours pleasuring yourself, wishing there was a f*cking better way to keep your mind and hands busy.

**Contains Inappropriate Language**

Have fun with this 100-game book of I’m Still F*cking Bored! activities for adults! Answers are also in the book. High quality images in a 6×9 inch sized book.

Contains these activities:
• Brick by Brick • Cryptogram
• Coloring • Different One
• Dot-to-Dot • Draw Squares
• Fallen Phrase • Hidden Image
• How Many • Letter Blocks
• Math Quest • Math Square
• Maze • Number Block
• Spot the Difference • Sudoku

• Word Search • Word Scramble

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