Color, Cut Out, Fold And Tape or Glue Together: 75 Paper Crafts

Color, Cut Out, Fold And Tape or Glue Together: 75 Paper Crafts

This book contains 25 different kinds of paper activities. Activities are geared towards kids 5-8 years old. Ranging in various difficulty levels. All you need is a scissors, colors/markers/colored pencils and tape/glue.

Pick an Activity, First Cut Out Page, Then Follow Directions

75 Pages of Activities Include:

4 Different Paper Airplanes
2 Teddy Bear Activities
2 Sailboats
4 Accordion Butterflies
3 Folding Car Projects
6 Folded Stand-up Dinosaurs
2 Dragons (1 flying, 1 stand-up)
6 How to Draw Animals
20 Animal Finger Puppets
2 Design Your Own Fish Bowl
2 Different Flower Pot Projects
2 Fortune Tellers
3 Paper Dolls with Clothing Choices
8 Paper Doll House Furniture Pieces
8 Origami Houses for Your Own Village
2 Cut and Roll Jellyfish
2 Cut and Roll Design Your Own Lantern
4 Design Your Own Paper Mask Projects
1 Set of Make Your Own Mice
4 Build a Box Pages
5 Origami Animals
2 Popup Card Designs
3 Make Your Own Puzzles
2 Pages of Put Together Robot Pieces
2 Create Your Own Solar Systems
2 Spaceships With Astronauts

75 pages

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