Male Activity Book Box

Male Activity Book Box

4 books and more

A cuss words galore gift box which is guaranteed to help men relax and de-stress. This gift box is the perfect boredom buster for any adult who loves to swear and loves bathroom humor! A great way to fill the time for someone who wants to treat themselves. Book boxes make great gifts or order one for yourself if you are in need of some happy mail. Activities to do While you Number Two has spot the difference, word search, sudoku and more. Same with Bored and Sore. Swear Word Dictionary is full of 1,5000 cuss words. Where's Woody is a Hidden Penis coloring book! All full of swear words!

Comes with:
* 1 Activities to do While You Number Two book
* 1 Bored and Sore as F*ck Activity book
* 1 Swear Word and Slang Dictionary
* 1 Where's Woody Hidden Coloring book
* Markers
* Multi-colored pen
* Highlighters
* Cookies
* Suckers
* Pistachios
* 7up Drink Mix
* Post It Notes
* You can request a gift card filled and put in box.

I do not work for nor sell any of these brands. I simply use the pre-packaged items, along with my books to create the perfect gift basket for you. Listing prices include materials+labor+profit margin+minimal shipping.

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