Young Adult Dystopian Series Box Set

Young Adult Dystopian Series Box Set

4 books and more

Young Adult Dystopian Series, Four Paperback Books, Mini Leather Book Necklace, Drink Cup, Frappe Drink Mix, Soda Flavored Drink Mix, Suckers, Bookmark Clips and Cookies. Free Shipping!

Alex and Caleb are twins living in a post-apocalyptic earth. They have been hidden from any information of the past and live a life full of restrictions within a class based society. An epidemic begins to infect the community with little visible effort by any adults to stop it. Can they fight the powers that be to save themselves and the encampment?

Follow them on a journey of a lifetime!

Get all 4 books of the Defiant YA Dystopian series for those who love Hunger Games and Divergent.
52,000 words each and a quick read.

Book 1 = Defiant
Book 2 = Resilient
Book 3 = Persistent
Book 4 = Attainment

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